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"Everyone loves a great love story.... My love story is my dad buying me my first camera when I had $100 to my name with a special note " I hope you make a life with this"

Following my love and desire to always out do myself I stumbled upon photography! Little did I know how being in the right place at the right time could find me doing something I'm obsessed with! In my journey of self discovery I also picked up a cosmetology license. I guess you can say I'm a jack of all trades and a master of photography, lights.. camera make-up go!!!!

After moving to Florida in 2007 I started A.Griff Designs. In 2014 I took a serious risk and the signed the papers on a commercial property. A building with 3 sides that include, The Salon called The Station. , photography mini Studio and my clothing store The Store. I wanted to change Tampa and make it as great as my favorite cities. You can view A.Griff Designs ( The A.Griff ) work across the country. My clients span throughout the United States, from San Fransisco, to New York to Tampa! Cheers!!! Abby:)

With a passion for photography, and natural artistic talent, The A. Griff (A.Griff Designs) develops unique creative concepts for a wide range of clients. My style is a mixture of soft, vintage and hippie rock. My name is Abby Griffith and I grew up loving the arts. I was born an artist and have been drawing, painting and creating since I was a small child. It only made sense when I gravitated toward graphic design in college because I saw it as the "fine art" of the future.